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1 English writer of satirical novels (1917-1993) [syn: Anthony Burgess]
2 a citizen of an English borough [syn: burgher]

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Anglo-Norman burgeis, cognate with Old French borjois (modern bourgeois), from late Latin burgus ‘fort, fortified town’.


  • /'bɜ:ʤɪs/


  1. an inhabitant of a borough with full rights, a citizen
  2. a town magistrate

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Burgess is an English word that originally meant a freeman of a borough or burgh. It later came to mean an elected or un-elected official of a municipality, or the representative of a borough in the English House of Commons.
The word is linguistically close to the French "Bourgeois", which evolved from the Old French word burgeis, meaning "an inhabitant of a town" (cf. Middle English burgeis, Middle Dutch burgher and German Bürger). The Old French word burgeis is derived from bourg, meaning a market town or medieval village, itself derived from Late Latin burgus, meaning "fortress" or "wall," the reference being to the merchant class which tended to set-up their store fronts along the outside of the medieval city wall, where traffic through the gates was an advantage and safety in event of an attack was easily accessible.

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